Plaza Catalunya is the secret center of Barcelona. It is right between the new and old Barcelona. Here on the border of the old town (Ciutat Vella) and the new town (Eixample), at the northern end of "Las Ramblas" and the largest department store in the city (El Corte Ingles), many banks and well-known shops is the Plaza de Catalunya. There are two identical fountains in the square. A star made with blue and red stone tiles form the center of the square. Countless pigeons wait here to be fed by locals and tourists. Almost all major coaches start here and drive to the various sights.

The city tours through Barcelona's beautiful city center also start here. You can watch the hustle and bustle on the square in the newly designed Café Zurich. There is also a Hard Rock Café in the plaza. Under the square is the city's most important train station and plenty of space for parking.

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