The Mercat de Sant Antoni is one of the 8 most beautiful markets in Barcelona. It is located in the southwest of the Reval and is one of the largest market halls in Barcelona. The steel framework erected by Antoni Rovira i Trias (1872 - 1882) extends over the area of ​​a complete street block. This created enough space for the Papas bars belonging to the market. The Mercat de Sant Antoni is one of the most traditional markets in Barcelona and the best place in town to buy fresh groceries. You can buy fresh vegetables and fruits in all imaginable colors and shapes, fresh fish and seafood here. It smells of fresh Mediterranean herbs and all kinds of delicacies. An experience that you can enjoy with all your senses. After shopping, you can enjoy small delicacies in one of the many tapas bars and watch the hustle and bustle. Every visitor to Barcelona should take the time to visit this beautiful market. This culinary experience is definitely not to be missed. The Mercat de Sant Antonio is one of the many highlights of Barcelona.

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Heiko Ihmels
Heiko Ihmels
04/02/2021 19:13 Spain

Aconsejo de ir a verlo, un ambiente muy bueno y hay de todo.

Juanan Millan
Juanan Millan
25/01/2021 22:51 Spain

Me encanta

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